What's new with Anchor?
  • 29 Mar 2023
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What's new with Anchor?

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Article Summary

We are thrilled to announce some new features and enhancements in Anchor version 5.0.0+

Airplane Mode

Anchor users can now access protected content when not connected to the web through Airplane mode. Offline access is crucial for users who need to stay productive even when they can’t access the internet. Anchor Airplane mode is a reliable, secure, and convenient way to access critical sensitive files anytime. It’s as simple as:

  1. Mark a protected folder for offline access.
  2. Let Anchor sync with our cloud services.
  3. Work with your Anchored data.

When back online, Anchor will sync your access logs and any encryption keys for any new data created when offline. Learn more

Anchor by the process.

Applications may handle data differently, and users may need specific tools to do their everyday work. That’s why we built Anchor by process (AxP). AxP makes it possible to create data control policies that check your line-of-business tools and ensure any saved file is Anchored and protected. Learn more 

Co-editing Mode for SharePoint/OneDrive

The new co-editing feature brings collaboration to anchored files on OneDrive and Sharepoint. In previous versions, anchored files shared on these could storage platforms were read-only. Collaborators could only view but not edit them. Version 5.2.0 allows the owner and collaborator to make changes at once. Learn more 

Sharing from SharePoint

This new release allows you to anchor files in your Sharepoint cloud storage and share them securely. Secure sharing means that you retain control of your files even when you give access to collaborators outside your organization. You can revoke that access anytime. Any copies of your files will be locked down as well.

Know who did what with your files

As a file owner on OneDrive or Sharepoint, you can view records of who accessed your files. You are able to see who accessed the file, when, and their actions. This also includes geolocation data, showing where someone was when they accessed your files. Anchor version 5.1.0 give your greater control over your data.


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