Protected Folders
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Protected Folders

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This article will explain what protected folders are and how to manage them in the Admin Dashboard.
Protected folders are locations within the organization where protected content can be consumed. A file will not be consumable when outside of a designated protected folder. Examples include endpoint common user folders, on-premises network drives, and cloud-based document-sharing services. 

How to manage protected folders on the Admin dashboard?

Step 1: Log into the Anchor Admin Dashboard. Select Settings>User Roles.


Step 2: Navigate to the desired user role and select the "action" symbol on the right denoted by 3 vertical dots and Edit.

Select Protected Folders.

Step 3: Select Protected Folders>Add a protected folder and enter the folder path. Click on Add. Please note, any file added into this protected folder will automatically be Anchored. We recommend Anchoring all files inside of this folder to ensure pre-existing files are Anchored.

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