Sharing Anchored folders/files
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Sharing Anchored folders/files

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This article will demonstrate how to share Anchored folders/files in OneDrive. 

Note: The end-user must have a valid Anchor account in the Admin Dashboard prior to using the Anchor features provided in our OneDrive/SharePoint integration. Users can be added to the Anchor platform by simply adding them to a user role. If a user hasn't been created in the Admin dashboard, adding their email address to a user role will also add them as a user. Users can only be added if they belong to a valid email domain (which is maintained in the global policies on Anchor dashboard). Admins will have the ability to edit valid email domains.

To learn more about how to add users to a user role in the admin dashboard, click the link below
Click Here

Step 1:  Login OneDrive, right-click the folder or file you wish to share and navigate to Anchor>Share with Anchor. In this example, we will be sharing a folder but the process is the same for sharing files.

Step 2: A new window will display, select Enable Sharing in the top right of the window (see image below). Once enabled, the user will have multiple controls that can be implemented.

Please note, users must be logged into Anchor prior to sharing the Anchored folder/files. Users will be redirected to the log-in page to begin the process if they are not already logged in (more information).

View access is enabled. This will send a read-only version of the folder/file which cannot be downloaded, copied and pasted, etc.

Link Expiry can be set to a date of your choice. This is the date on which the content will no longer be viewable. By default, this is set to 60 days.

Permissions allow 3 choices of control:

Anyone with the link- Anyone who the link has been shared with will be able to access the file/folder. Once finished, "Save & Copy URL". The link can now be shared with the desired recipients.

Anyone with a password- user will be prompted to create a password which will be required by other users to access the anchored files/folders.

Once created, "Save & Copy URL". The link and password can now be shared with the desired recipients.

Restricted Access- user will be prompted to enter the email address of the desired recipient(s). You may then select the boxes "Notify the above users with an email" and/or "Allow unprotected download". Allowing unprotected download will safely deliver the data to the recipient until the folder is downloaded. Now select, "Save and copy URL". The recipient addresses entered will now receive an email with the shared link including the option to download the content.

Please note: "Allow unprotected download" is only an option when sharing folders. It is not available when sharing files.

Please note: Once the user has been authenticated and has shared an Anchored folder/file, the token duration is 3 hours. The user should not be prompted to re-authenticate during that time period. The owner always has access to the shared file, the owners email address is the same as the address used to login Microsoft Office 365.

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