What's new with Anchor?
  • 14 Nov 2022
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What's new with Anchor?

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We are excited to release a number of new features and improvements in v 4.0.0 to make it easier to protect, share, and manage data in your organization.

Source code protection with Anchor

Deploying Anchor to protect source code ensures your code is secure and protected during its journey from the repository down to the endpoint. Once on the endpoint, source code is stored with persistent and transparent encryption while at rest and in use. Anchor provides excellent protection without changing your workflow, impacting development teams, their tools (More Information)

Added right-click option to share Anchored file(s) securely 

This feature allows users to easily share anchored files outside of the organization while retaining control and visibility. (More Information)

Secure sharing and transfer of custody to 3rd parties

Users may now share Anchored files in a manner that securely delivers your data and allows the recipient to download the Anchored data in an unprotected format. (More Information)

Manually add users to the Admin Dashboard 

Previously, users were added into the dashboard automatically once the agent was installed on their machine. Now users can be manually added prior to having an agent installed. (More Information)

Manage shared links on the Admin Dashboard

This feature allows administrators to easily manage all shared links on the admin dashboard. (More Information)

Minor changes, fixes, and archived features

  • Improved: User messages and notifications throughout the application
  • Improved: New splash screen on installer startup.
  • Moved: Restart services option from right-click menu to tray app help menu
  • Removed: Edit access rules, and restore to the previous version features from the right-click context menu
  • Users can now sign PDF files with images in Adobe (More Information)                                                                                                               

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