Admin Approved Applications
  • 04 Nov 2022
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Admin Approved Applications

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Article Summary

This article will explain what Admin Approved Applications are and how to add them in the Admin Dashboard.

Organizations may maintain a list of admin approved applications in addition to Anchor Certified Applications. These applications are not certified by Anchor but may be approved by the organization's admin to consume plain text.

How to add Admin Approved Applications?

Step 1: Open the Anchor dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to navigate to Settings>User Roles.

Step 3: Select the "action" icon denoted by 3 vertical dots and select edit.

Step 4: Select Anchor By Folder>Applications.

Step 5: Select New Admin Approved Application. Enter the application name and executable path including the executable's name.

For example: Notepad path : C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe). Then click Add.

Step 6: To save changes, click the Update button in the upper right corner. 

Please note: when adding admin approved applications, the name of the app should not contain a period or special character. The name may only contain letters and spaces. Also, files created by non approved applications will not automatically be Anchored if created inside of a protected folder. For example, if you create a txt file with Notepad inside of a protected folder, it will not automatically be Anchored unless Notepad is listed as an approved application.

Example of a valid app name:

Example of an invalid app name:


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