Anchor Airplane (offline) mode
  • 16 Mar 2023
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Anchor Airplane (offline) mode

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Anchor airplane mode allows you to access Anchored files while you're offline. Your Admin can enable this feature in the Anchor Admin dashboard. When enabled, you will have the "offline access" action available in your Anchor right-click menu.

Adding folders for offline access.

Before accessing Anchored files offline, select which folders you wish to access. You must do this while you are still online! You must also give the Anchor app enough time to sync your files for offline access. Syncing takes a couple of minutes.

You can add a folder for offline access by right-clicking on the folder, then selecting Anchor > Offline access > Available offline.

You will then see a success message telling you that the folder is now available offline.

Please note you cannot make a non-protected folder available offline!

How to enable offline mode on the Anchor agent (Desktop App)

Step 1

In the bottom right corner of your taskbar, open the system tray by clicking on the arrow. Then click on the blue anchor icon to open the Anchor desktop app (Anchor Agent).

Step 2

In the Anchor agent, click on Action > Go offline to enable the offline mode.

Note: Your admin must first enable offline access for you on the Anchor admin dashboard (more information). You won't see this option if the offline mode is not enabled on the Anchor admin dashboard. Sometimes in very rare cases, you might see an error that Anchor failed to set offline mode due to Anchor restarting services. Please try again in a few seconds and it will work as expected.

Note: Anchor right-click options are disabled when you are in offline mode. They will be re-enabled once you reconnect.

File access in offline mode.

Once you select a folder for offline access, you will see the "Processing..." status. You must wait for processing to complete before you can access offline files.

Note: You will receive an error message if you don't let processing complete before you switch the Anchor app to offline mode.

While offline, you will get a "file access denied" error message if you try to access an Anchored file located in a folder that you have not configured for offline access.

Creating new files in offline mode.

While in offline mode, Anchor protection will behave the same as when you are online. Any new files created will be Anchored according to rules set by your Administrator. Data created by Authorized applications (more information) in protected folders will be anchored. So are files created by Anchor by Process (AxP) applications (more information).

Editing anchored files in offline mode.

While offline, you will be able to edit Anchored content located within offline-enabled protected folders. Actions such as savesave-as, and copy-paste are supported.

You can also “save-as” an Anchored file from an offline access folder to a non-protected folder. But you won't be able to open that file from the non-protected folder.

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