Anchor Definitions
  • 29 Mar 2023
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Anchor Definitions

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The Anchor platform is comprised of multiple components, listed below are commonly used terms in the Anchor ecosystem and their meaning.
  • Windows Agent- Anchor, monitor, and manage data directly stored on internal network shares and endpoint devices.
  • 3rd Party Sharing and direct cloud consumption- Share and retain control of content to users and organizations that do not have Anchor. Work directly with Anchored files stored in popular cloud services like Egnyte, Dropbox, PreVeil, and OneDrive/SharePoint. 
  • Anchor Dashboard- Your central hub for data control, configuration, and a launching point for managing your client’s data.
  • Protected Folders- are locations within the organization where protected content can be consumed. A file will not be consumable when outside of a designated protected folder. Examples include endpoint common user folders, on-premises network drives, and cloud-based document-sharing services. Follow the link below for more information. Protected Folders
  • Access Rules- are conditions that must be satisfied for someone to access Anchored data. Access rules are dynamically placed on new and existing files, which significantly reduces time managing access controls. Follow the link below for more information. Access Rules
  • Authorized File Extensions- Anchor will only encrypt and open files whose file extension has been added in the Anchor Admin Dashboard. Follow the link below for more information. Authorized file extensions
  • Authorized Applications- are applications that are permitted to display Anchored data in plain text, assuming the access rules are satisfied. Follow the link below for more information. Authorized Applications
  • User Roles- are user groups that allow for the management of your data control strategy.
  • Anchor by Process - Anchor-by-process (AxP) is a set of features Anchor offers our customers, which gives the ability to control and protect files created by specific applications and processes. Our customers use these new capabilities to bring Anchor’s value proposition to non-office workflows that handle valuable and sensitive data. Anchor by Process
  • Airplane Mode - Anchor airplane (offline) mode allows users to access their files when their devices are not connected to the internet. Enabling this feature is easy from the Anchor administrative dashboard. When enabled, Anchor users will have the "offline access" action available on their Anchor right-click menu. Airplane Mode

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