Command line uninstallation
  • 19 Sep 2022
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Command line uninstallation

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Article Summary

Command Line

There are three primary and mutually exclusive modes of operation: install, uninstall and plugin-installDAtAnchorSetup_v4.0.0.exe {--install --org-id <org-id> | -- uninstall | --plugin-install } [options...]

Critical points to observe:

  • The parameters for the three primary modes of operation described above may not be specified together in any combination.
  • Make sure that the command with the selected parameter combination is run at least once in non-silent mode, to allow any errors to be discovered. Once satisfied that the selected parameter configuration produces a successful uninstall, the silent parameter for unattended operation (say within an RMM environment) may be added.
  • NOTE:All parameters are case sensitive, and must be entered as described below. For example, -SILENT will not work and will generate an error.


  • -skip-unregister
    • This parameter may only be specified along with the -uninstall parameter.
    • When specified, an uninstall will be successfully executed even if no internet connectivity is available.
    • This parameter bypasses agent unregistration from the Anchor cloud backend, and allows uninstallation to proceed. (The resulting undeleted agent entry in the cloud backend has been determined not to cause any ill side effects.)
  • -silent
    • May be specified for both -install and -uninstall modes.
    • No user prompt and no progress bar will be displayed, during installation or uninstallation.
    • The system will automatically reboot without prompting the user, unless the -reboot-prompt option has also been specified.
  • -setup-logs <folder-path>
    • Logs created during install or uninstall will be redirected to the folder named <folder-path>.
    • If the specified folder does not exist, it will be created.
    • The log file created within the specified folder has the following name format: 
  • -reboot-prompt
    • This parameter is intended to be used with the -silent parameter.
    • When specified, the user will be prompted before proceeding with system reboot.
  • -help
    • Display help window.
    • If this parameter is specified, any other specified parameters will be ignored.

Frequently used commands

Uninstall Agent with user confirmation before uninstall and user confirmation for reboot:

DAtAnchorSetup_v4.0.0.exe --uninstall

Perform silent uninstall:

DAtAnchorSetup_v4.0.0.exe --uninstall --silent

Perform silent uninstall with reboot prompt:

DAtAnchorSetup_v4.0.0.exe --uninstall --reboot-prompt

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