How to enable Anchor integration in Egnyte
  • 06 Sep 2023
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How to enable Anchor integration in Egnyte

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Before you begin the installation, we recommend setting up an Egnyte admin account with the name Anchor application. This ensures a smooth integration process.

Installation Steps

  1. Install Anchor app on Egnyte dashboard
    Navigate to the Apps and Integrations page on your Egnyte dashboard. Search for the Anchor app and install the version that is not marked as Legacy.

Anchor Egnyte App

  1. Enable Egnyte Integration on Anchor Dashboard:

Create a new admin-user account on Egnyte with display name “Anchor Application” and use the same account to add the integration.
All changes from the Anchor App will be reflected under updated_by field in the name of the user who authorized while adding the integration in the admin dashboard.

  • Login to the Anchor dashboard.
  • Navigate to the 'Integrations' tab and select 'Egnyte'.

Egnyte Anchor Integration

  • Enter your Egnyte domain, e.g.,

  • Click 'OK'. You'll be redirected to the Egnyte authentication page.

  • Make sure you provide access to

    • Read and Write all files and folders
    • Manage Egnyte Webhooks
    • Create and manage links

  • Log in and approve the Anchor app.

And that's it! Your integration is now set up, and you're all set to explore the new features.

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