Leasing via Anchor agent
  • 03 Jan 2023
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Leasing via Anchor agent

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Article Summary

This article gives a general overview and explains the details behind the process of leasing the Anchor agent.

What is agent leasing?

Leasing via Anchor agent is a process where an existing Anchor customer allows a 3rd party to download the Anchor agent using their Organization ID. 

What is the purpose?

This is commonly used to enable collaboration between multiple organizations in a manner that allows the lessor to maintain complete control of their data at all times. Typically, one organization already has Anchor implemented while the other(s) do not. Instead of the other organizations going direct to Anchor for onboarding, they will download the agent on their endpoints using the Organization ID of the pre-existing Anchor customer.

How does it work?

For illustration purposes, lets suppose Company A (the lessor) wants to collaborate with Company B (the lessee) while maintaining full custody and control of their data at all points and time. Company B will install the Anchor agent on their endpoints using Company A Organizational ID. This allows company A to dictate the access rules, maintain control, and has the ability to revoke access to their data at any point in time. 

Who gets billed?

In this scenario, all anchor agents are being installed under one organizational ID. The organization who maintains that ID will be billed for all licenses. 

Steps to start leasing:

Step 1: Share the Anchor agent and your organization ID. Download the Anchor agent and share it with third parties. They can install the agent and sign in with your Organization ID.

Step 2: Whitelist all approved email domains

Step 3: Create new 3rd party user roles

Step 4: Add users to a user-role

Once third-party users no longer require access to Anchored data, disable their access.

Disabling third-party users

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