Manage shared Links in the Admin Dashboard
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Manage shared Links in the Admin Dashboard

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Article summary

This article will give an overview of how to manage shared links in the Admin Dashboard.

Step 1: Login to the Admin Dashboard and navigate to the Sharing tab.

The following column headers will be displayed:


Status- A blue dot indicates an active link and a greyed out dot indicates an inactive link. Users can hover over the dot and the status of the shared link will be displayed.

Source- This indicates where the file or folder was shared from. In the example below, this folder was shared for a users OneDrive.

Item- Specifies what was shared, in this case if was a folder.

Created by- Indicates the user that created the shareable link.

Created at- Indicates when the link was created

Link access- Specifies who can access the link. Users may hover over this symbol to view the status of who can access this link. In the example below, this is set to restricted access which means only users with the specified email addresses may access the data.

Downloads- A green checkmark indicates that download is allowed, a red X indicates recipients of this link cannot download the files. 

Settings- By selecting the setting icon users can Disable Link if they no longer want the link to be accessible or Copy Link if they wish to share it with others.

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