• 17 Mar 2024
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You can take advantage of your company's existing identity management system and have employees sign in to Anchor using their corporate identity. This makes provisioning Anchor to users easier.


Anchor can integrate with any SAML-based SSO. You can use your Enterprise Identity Provider for SSO, including Azure Active Directory and Okta.

User authentication and provisioning for SSO

With SSO configured, users are provisioned with a new Anchor account when they first sign on through SSO.

The sign-on process includes these steps:

  1. When users select SSO to log in, they are redirected to and authenticated by the identity provider you requested.
  2. The identity provider communicates this authentication to Anchor servers, sending relevant data to Anchor to create each user.
  3. Anchor checks the directory for that user.
  4. If the user is already configured, Anchor enables the appropriate access. For a new user, Anchor adds the user to the directory and then redirects the user to Anchor app with the appropriate access.

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