Right-Click Sharing
  • 03 Jan 2023
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Right-Click Sharing

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Article Summary

This article will demonstrate how to share Anchored files and folder from the right-click menu in file explorer. 

Share Protected:

Step 1: Navigate to an Anchored folder or file in File Explorer, right-click>Anchor>Share with Anchor>Share (Protected).

Note: Only one folder can be shared at a time. There is a limit on the number of files to be shared using a folder or file sharing. Currently, it is set to 50 files at max. 

A maximum 50 MB file size is allowed to be shared. This limit is per file. If the user’s selection has a file(s) which crosses the file size limit, the following message will be shown to the user.

Step 2: Add a link name, and enter the email address of the desired recipient(s). Set the Space Expiry Date or the date that the link will no longer be accessible. 

Add Files: Selecting Add Files will open File Explorer and allow you to add additional files to be shared.

Remove Files: Check the box next to a file and select Remove File. This removes those files and prevents them from being shared.

Expiry date: The expiration date lets the user set a date for the link to expire. After the date you set, the link won't work anymore and you will need to create a new link for users to access the file (s) or folder you shared. The default expiration duration is set to 60 days.

Allow unprotected download: When checking this box, the content you are sharing will be securely delivered. Upon arrival, the recipient will have the ability to download the shared content in an UnAnchored file.

Note: “Add Files” option is disabled in the case of folder sharing.

Step 3: Select Share Files. Options to cancel or share will display, select share to continue. 

Once completed, you will receive a confirmation message as shown below. Users may also copy the link and share it with others, or resend the notification. Close this window when finished. To view the end user experience of opening shared files and downloading unprotected Click Here 

Note: The user can cancel the upload/sharing operation while it's in progress. This is facilitated especially in case the user wants to cancel upload/sharing the large files and then can start over if needed. The cancel button closes the sharing UI message and aborts the upload.

The administrator can manage the shared link on the Anchor dashboard (More Information). 


  • Non-Supported file extensions are prohibited from being shared. If a user tries to upload a file with the non-supported file extension, the user will see the following error messageTo learn more about managing supported file extensions Click Here.
  • All file extensions which are are added to the Authorized file extensions tab in the Admin Dashboard may be shared. However, when sharing in a view-only format only certain file types can be viewed in your browser which include the following:


  • User is allowed to share files from the Protected as well as Non-Protected directory.
  • User is allowed to share Anchored as well as unAnchored files as long as the unAnchored files are successfully Anchored before sharing.
  • An Anchored file that has been shared via the right-click menu will display in the file access logs as shown below:

UnAnchor and attach to email:

Please note, when using the "UnAnchor and attach to email" sharing method, a copy of your file(s) will become unprotected and attached to a new email. 

Step 1: Open File Explorer and navigate to the desired file. Right-click the file and select Anchor>Share with Anchor>Attach unAnchored Copy to Email.

A new message window will display with the file attached. Please note, an unAnchored copy of the file is being attached to the email.

Step 2: Enter your desired information in the email and Send.

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