Getting Started with the Anchor Share Management portal
  • 30 Jul 2023
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Getting Started with the Anchor Share Management portal

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Article Summary

What is the Anchor Share Management portal?

The Anchor Share Management portal allows you to easily share files and manage your shared links. The Anchor Share Management portal consists of two pages, Shared by me and Shared with me.

Shared by me

The Shared by Me page lists all the links you have securely shared using Anchor. The list is displayed in descending order according to the link creation date. The list of links has several columns with information about the link and associated file.

1. Status - This field indicates whether or not the link is active.

2. Item - This is the name of the file that you have shared.

3. Source - The source field indicates how you shared the file. There are three sources, Anchor, Egnyte, and OneDrive. If you share the file using the right-click menu on Windows or Outlook Share, the source will be Anchor.

4. Created by - This field displays the user's email address who shared the file.

5. Created at - This is the date that you shared the file.

6. Downloads - A green checkmark or red cross icon indicates whether or not the file associated with the link is available for Unprotected download. Users with the requisite permissions can download a files/folder if downloading is enabled.

Actions - The actions column has two buttons when a link shared from source "Anchor." One is for downloading the file associated with the link, and the other opens the settings modal for that link. When a user downloads the file using the dowload icon in the actions column user will be downloading an anchored copy of the file. They must open it from a protected folder or use a designated Anchor by Process (AxP) application.. The other sources both Onedrive and Egnyte will not have an option to download the file in anchored form.


Shared link settings

The settings modal displays several fields; the Full Name, Created by, and Created on fields are read-only. No one, including the file's creator, can edit these fields.

The user who shared the file can edit the remaining fields.

Permission Mode is a dropdown menu with two options: View and Edit. You can use this field to tell Anchor if you want the recipients with whom you share the link to be able to make changes to the file or view it only.

Expiry at - This field allows you to specify an expiry date, after which the link will no longer be active. You can set an expiry date up to sixty days from when the link was created.

Access Type - It specifies who is allowed to access the link. The Access Type field has three options, Restricted access, Anyone with Link, and Anyone with password.

  • Restricted access-Only users whose email address has been explicitly allowed (in the Recipients field) can access the file
  • Anyone with link - Any user with the link can access the file.
  • Anyone with a password - Will grant access to users with the correct password associated with that link.

Recipients - This field allows you to specify the users with whom you would like to share access to the file. It is a comma-separated list of email addresses.

Unprotected zip download - This checkbox will enable downloading the file associated with the link. Leaving it unchecked turns off downloads. This option is available for the folders shared via Egnyte and Onedrive as well as for the files shared via anchor outlook connector and right click share

Shared with me

The Shared with Me page lists all the links other users have shared with you. This list contains the same columns as described above except the actions column. Last column is a Copy link button that lets you quickly copy and paste the link to share with your colleagues.

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