Sharing Anchored files through Outlook
  • 30 Jul 2023
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Sharing Anchored files through Outlook

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Article summary

This article will demonstrate how to share Anchored data through Outlook securely.

Step 1: Open a new message window in Outlook, select "Attach File," and attach an Anchored file(s). 

Step 2: Enter the details of the email body and select "Send." Anchor will display a window where two options are presented, Share as link and Share as an attachment

Step 3: Choose either Share as Link or Share as Attachment. Select "Continue," and the email will be sent.

When you share a document via "Share as Link", you can set specific permissions for the recipients through shared links. There are two options - View and Edit

  • View: Selecting the "View" option allows shared link recipients to access the content you've shared with them. They can open and read the document, view images, and interact with the file without being able to make any changes or edits. 
  • Edit: On the other, opting for the "Edit" option grants shared link recipients full access to the content, including the ability to modify, update, and collaborate on the document or file. This option suits scenarios where you want to collaborate and work collectively on a project. Note - The edit option is available in agent versions 5.3.2 and above

When using the Share as a link method, the option to Allow unprotected downloads is available. This ensures that the Anchored data is securely delivered to the recipient, who can then download the Anchored data in an unprotected format.


  • All file extensions which are being added to the Authorized file extensions tab in the Admin Dashboard may be shared. However, when sharing in a view-only format only certain file types can be viewed in your browser which include the following:


  • User is allowed to share Anchored as well as unAnchored files as long as the unAnchored files are successfully Anchored before sharing. If the user attaches an unauthorized file extension file, Anchor won't anchor the file and the file will be shared as an attachment.
  • The shared file link will expire after 60 days. Admin can manage the share link on Anchor dashboard.  (More Information)

Click Here to view the end user's experience of opening a shared link containing Anchored data. 

Share as an attachment should be used when collaborating or sharing data with someone that also has the Anchor agent on their endpoint. This will give the ability to view, edit, and download the shared data. The recipient will open the Anchored file(s) like a standard outlook attachment.

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