Anchor Reports in the Admin Dashboard
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Anchor Reports in the Admin Dashboard

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This article will discuss how to export Anchor logs from the Admin Dashboard and a brief overview of Grafana logs.

For a quick video tutorial on exporting Anchor logs click the link below:

Click Here

Step 1: Login the Admin Dashboard and navigate to the "Reports" tab.

Step 2: Select either User, Application, Agent, or Grafana Logs.

Step 3: Use the dropdown arrows to fill in the information you are looking for and select "download".

Users will have the option to export a csv file of Anchor logs based on Users, Applications, or Agents. For example, in the image below logs can be exported for "Users". Simply use the dropdown to find and select a user, then you may specify a custom time range or choose from default ranges in the dropdown. Once you have selected your user and date range, select "Download" and a csv file will display in the bottom left of your window. This same process applies to user, application, and agent logs. To learn how to find your Anchor agent's ID Click Here

When clicking the "Grafana Logs" tab, a new window will open in your browser. Grafana provides a visual display of various metrics and other important data into one centralized location. The dashboard makes it quick and easy for data to be analyzed, shared, and adding alerts.

To watch video tutorials and learn more about Grafana click the link below

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