Anchor trial clean up
  • 03 Jan 2023
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Anchor trial clean up

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This article will demonstrate steps to take once your Anchor trial has concluded. We will discuss how to unAnchor your data and uninstall the agent.

UnAnchoring your files:

Step 1: Select the Anchor tray application.

Step 2: Select Help > Open Protected Folder.

File Explorer will open a new window containing files to test Anchor features. Users may also add additional files.

 Step 3: Right-click a file and select Anchor > unAnchor.


The following message will occur when you have successfully unAnchored a file.

Uninstalling the Anchor agent:

Step 1: In the windows search bar, type "Anchor".

Step 2: Select Anchor Uninstall.

Step 3: Select Yes indicating you wish to uninstall Anchor.

Step 4: Select OK to reboot now or select Cancel and reboot later. After rebooting your machine, the Anchor agent will successfully be uninstalled.

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