Anchor/unAnchor process stalled
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Anchor/unAnchor process stalled

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This article will discuss how to proceed if the Anchoring/unAnchoring process is stalled or fails to complete. 

When Anchoring/unAnchoring files or folders, the following window will display. If this window fails to make progress after an excessive amount of time please complete the following steps.

Step 1: Select "Cancel" and attempt to Anchor/unAnchor again. If you are unable to click "Cancel" or doing so is not helping the issue, open Task Manager and navigate to the process "DAtAnchorCmd". Right-click the process and "End task".

Step 2: After the process is ended, try to Anchor/unAnchor again and it should complete successfully. If you are still experiencing issues, you may open the Anchor app located in the system tray and submit a support ticket. To submit a support ticket select the Anchor app>Help>Contact Support.

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