"File Access Denied" Notification
  • 09 Sep 2022
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"File Access Denied" Notification

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This article explains the notification Anchor users will receive when they are not following a file's access rules. 

You will learn:

  1. What access rules are.
  2. What the "File Access Denied" notification means.
  3. Which available access rules can be placed on files.
  4. How to view a file's access rules.

What are access rules?

Access rules are criteria that must be satisfied to gain access to content. Rules are dynamically placed on new and existing files which significantly reduce time managing access controls.

If you get an 'File Access Denied' notification, this means that you are not following one or more of the access rules that are required

for consuming protected content. The most common example is trying to open an Anchored file in an unprotected folder, you can only open Anchored files in protected folders. You can select "Show Protected Folders" to view acceptable locations to open the file.

Another example, the file might have an access rule that it can only be consumed within a certain geographic area. If you are attempting to access the content outside of this designated area, then you would not be satisfying the access rules and would be unable to consume the content.

List of rules that can be placed on content

Viewing Rules

To view a file's rules, right-click the file, scroll down to the Anchor menu, and click on 'Show Access Rules.'

To watch a demonstration on how to edit access rules in the Admin Dashboard click the link below.

Click Here

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