Minimum System Requirements
  • 19 Dec 2022
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Minimum System Requirements

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Supported OS

- Windows 10
- Windows Server 2016 and above

Active Directory
- Azure Active Directory
- On-Prem Active Directory running on Windows Server Domain Controller

Other Authentication Mechanisms
- One Time Password with Email

Security Protocols
- TLS 1.2 and above enabled on Windows 10 and Windows Server

Supported cloud storage environments
- Cloud/Web Integrations: Egnyte
- Desktop Integrations: Egnyte, OneDrive, Dropbox, PreVeil

Supported  Mobile OS*
- iOS 13.0 and above
-Android 10 and above
*Users can only access docx,ppt,Xls,pdf,txt,jpg,png files in view-only mode.

Other key requirements

- Anchor requires whitelisting of Anchor services on the network firewall.
- Anchor requires whitelisting in Antivirus software. Click Here
- Anchor requires the App data folder to be on a local drive.
- Please check the list of Anchor-supported apps Click Here. If you are using apps that is not present in the list, please email us at

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